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Action Intelligence
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Making the right decision, at the right time and executing it in the right way is an ability we call Action Intelligence.
Building on 20 years’ research we are building the world’s first technology platform that quantifies a player’s ability to act intelligently and make winning decisions under pressure.

Unlocking the secrets of great decision making
In sport two situations are never the same. By combining in-game VR, motion sensors and sophisticated data analytics we challenge any player’s ability to act at the right time and in the right way. The key to great decision-making!
performance to the next level
Clean Sheet is our first product embedding deep scientific know-how to help goalkeepers make more saves so teams win more games. Just seconds after a VR session, our powerful analytics provide an in-depth analysis of a player’s ability to make intelligent decisions, empowering both player and coach.
It’s all about the Science
Our USP is translating our deep scientific knowledge into ground-breaking techniques that measure a player’s decision-making ability (AQ), identify weaknesses and ultimately help them make better decisions, so their team can win more games.
Our Research is leading the way
Over two decades of world-leading research has helped us understand how the brain makes decisions under pressure. We are the go-to global experts in using Virtual Reality (VR) to study decision making in sport.
Featured by the BBCRTEEuronews, Sky Sport
Covered by national newspapers The Guardian and science blogs ESPN Cricinfo
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Presented at international conferences – SXSW2018, VR World, AWE
Our Team
Professor Cathy Craig

Recognised go-to global expert in using VR to study decision-making in sport. Responsible for all aspects of product design and innovation.

Dr Adrien Kissenpfennig

Oversees all operational aspects of the business. Responsible for product development and quality assurance.

Dr Farzad Parvinzamir

Advises on all technical aspects of data and visual analytics including software development practices and presentation of decision metrics.

James Stafford

Responsible for end-user testing and customer support

Atasi Jain
Atasi Jain

Creates algorithms and metrics to quantify real-time decision-making ability in all our products.

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